Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Kingston Data Traveller Ultimate 3.0 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Kingston data traveller Ultimate 3.0 64GB USB Flash drive also known as data traveller ultimate 3.0 has recently been launched by Kingston and it is receiving good reviews. This is one of the first USB 3.0 flash drive from Kingston and so it is necessary to understand how it performs.
Kingston Ultimate Specs
It includes the great speed that it has in comparison with others. This Kingston ultimate package comes along with plastic clamshell style package. USB cable is there on the back and you can see some of the basic information in it. As you open the package you can see a shell shaped ‘Y’ style USB cable along with small lanyard. This Kingston Data traveller includes many specifications include latest feature for USB flash drives. It makes it perfect for early adopters who are coming up with all kinds of improvements offered by USB 3.0.
Kingston data traveller USB 3.0 offers you perfect solution for easy storing and quickly transferring of your data. You can transfer your documents, images, JPEG images and many more formats of file with the help of USB 3.0 data traveller offered to you by Kingston. Although this new generation Kingston data traveller has same features as old ones but this has, much more increased capacity and higher speed of transferring of data. You keep and transfer your data with much ease and with good speed.
Kingston DT ultimate 3.0 has much speed with 3.0 to 80 MB/sec. It comes with a five-year warranty. This DT ultimate 3.0 has much better power management facility in comparison to older models. USB 3.0 is a major revision type of next bus serial bus. You can make the best use of this in form of transferring HD videos, system and data back up, Adobe applications, AutoCAD and many more features. Video is one of the greatest advantages of transferring your data. Earlier data traveller did not had much capacity with transferring videos but now with latest Kingston ultimate you get to transfer video with it too.
Kingston Data traveler Ultimate Review
When you get the Kinston USB 3.0 package at your place, you find the USB cable too in the same package. There are instructions written on it. It uses same facility of plug and play as that of earlier times. Infact the USB drive has itself as metallic and aluminium body that makes it feel very well. There is a large hole on the lanyard at the backside and you can see a blue LED light when you plug in the USB in PC. On the top of your USB you can find a hole where you can put your keychain too. This way, you can even keep that hanging on your PC when that is not in use too.
With great features and USB 3.0 specifications, it has become much advanced and many tech savvy people are going to get it with good storage and transferring capacity.

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