Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Shattered Clock – Order In Chaos Clock

Design of Shattered Clock:
When you look at this clock at first, it may seem to be an absolute chaos and you may find getting yourself in confused state. However, once you are acquainted with the way to read it properly, you will understand the proper functioning of the shattered clock. This clock is designed such that when you look at it for the first time, you may find that it is missing one of its hands and you may say that it needs to be redesigned. The complete design is made with one hand itself.
Basic functioning of Clock
The designing of this clock has been done with one hand because of some main functions. This clock is designed to show relationship between order and chaos. You can very well use this to be one of your clocks and it is becoming favourite of many people.
Functioning of Shattered Clock
Now, let us look at the proper method reading the clock time. This is very easy. In the shattered clock, you find only one hand and all the numbers are arranged in different way except one that has least broken manner setting. S, you see one number properly written in correct format and all other are arranged in weird manner. How do you read the time? This is yet again easy. You will read by knowing one number that is correctly in position and one hand that shows the minute hand. Therefore, the number shows the hour and hand of it shows you the minute. When you look at watch and you find that time is 12:10 then you will find that 12 is having placed in least broken manner while all other hour numbers are positioned in weird manner. 10 minutes is seen as hand of clock is at ten’s place. When there is 3’o clock then the three will take its proper from and all other are in their gibberish way. Therefore, you get the proper way of reading the shattered clock.
Features in Shattered Clock
These clocks are very precise and easy to use. Once you understand its functioning, you get it understand in easy method. The clock may look chaotic but all the distinguished fragments unite back in an hour. As an hour finishes, they gradually fall in to pieces. Here minute hands keep rotating in centre while you can look for hour by looking for least broken number search.  This order in chaos form of clock or shattered clock is a sort of vivid illustration of self-paradigm. This helps you with a way of overcoming the anarchy and that will help you in reconnecting yourself with universe.
This is a world where every happening and every other thing is vividly described. All these are full of mess and full of chaos. There are quick events and random acquaintances. Even you have your own weird dreams. However, it is only the time that never fades and hence it becomes important for you to keep a track of hours spending. Shattered clock is something for, which you may fall in love soon.

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